Avantune announces Facsys, the Self-Service solution for collaboration, storage, workflow and communication


Avantune announces Facsys, the Self-Service solution for collaboration, storage, workflow and communication

The road to convergence between the emFAST ’s solutions and the Avantune’s collaboration ones is now completed


Toronto, June 28th 2018 - The last and final step to merge together the Facsys and the Genialcloud Freedoc solutions is now completed. Today Avantune announced the launch of Facsys version 10, a new cloud product for the collaboration, storage, workflow and communication (visit website: https://www.genialcloud.com/collaboration-communication.php ).

The result puts together the experience and the vast portfolio of costumers in North America (Blackberry, Banque National du Canada, Volvo Canada, Microsoft, Aviva Canada, to mention few), and the development of the innovative “cloud self-service” approach implemented by Avantune with Genialcloud, its Business Solution Suite.

The countdown, on the major social media, burst into a live streaming that announced not only the name of the solution, Facsys, but also the innovations introduced with the new improved version.

The major innovations regard the version on cloud of the module dealing with Fax (mainly used in Finance, Insurance and Healthcare) and the workflow module, deployed using the most advanced technologies. Facsys Workflow has a web interface, it’s customizable and usable from any device and any browser.

“With our new product, Facsys, we put together our experience in the North American market, with the innovative, but without complexity, Genialcloud Suite technology, developed by Avantune”, Ermanno Bonifazi (CEO at Avantune) explains. “Facsys offers now to the global market an end to end cloud solution for Collaboration, Storage, Workflow and Communication”.

“Our development teams worked in sync to create a modular and integrated Self-Service product. Facsys, like all of our Genialcloud business solutions, is available in cloud. This sync makes possible for all the modules to coexist in synergy, but also to properly work if used separately.” Paolo Lucciarini and Gowtheswaran Kanagaratnam, the two CTOs at Avantune, state together.

Facsys is now, with Proj (ERP, CRM, HRM and SCM) and Analysis (Business Intelligence), a solution of the Genialcloud business suite.

Dates of availability:

  • On-Premise by June 28th
  • Genialcloud + 30 days
  • Genialcloud Private +7 days

Learn more about Facsys: https://www.genialcloud.com/collaboration-communication.php