Avantune Launches a New Era for Self Service Cloud Solutions

April 14, 2017

As the company continues to aim for worldwide expansion, providing innovative cloud based solutions, the new brand “Avantune” brings together the entire organization under a single new umbrella and brand identity.

The Word “Avantune” is a combination of the word “Avant”, that stands for Innovation, and the word “Tune” symbolizing coherence and refinement.

Focusing on innovation and advanced tuning, as the new brand name implies, is something that the organizations employees across various regions are able to implement by working together with customers, and help them with a targeted outcome for their business challenges, through a process of consultative advisory and a tailored solution mindset. As the tagline suggests: "Innovation: Unique, Yours".

“The transition to the new Avantune brand is an important step that reflects the growth, renewal and focused path undertaken by the company. As Avantune, we position ourselves as a trusted advisor for cloud based self-service applications and platform to meet customer needs for business efficiency and digital transformation through innovation”, said Ermanno Bonifazi, Founder & CEO of Avantune.