Self-Service Collaboration


The Digital Transformation is an essential process that ensures the competitiveness and efficiency of your company.

Nowadays, an efficient information management flow, added to the capability to archive, recover, and share information within your organization, are required tools for your digital transformation.

Implementing a reliable and effective solution can be a powerful competitive edge driving your company during this process.
A secure and reliable Self-Service cloud solution allows your company to tackle this change in a simple and efficient way. It drastically cuts the infrastructure, installation, and training costs in comparison with the majority of other solutions available on the market.
Genialcloud Freedoc manages the full information sharing process within your organization. Everything, from the document digitization up to the information usability on each device, is managed in a Self-Service mode.

Try Genialcloud Freedoc now and experience the benefits of our Self-Service cloud: No infrastructure costs, no technical resources needed, no complexity.

Log in online. Learn online how to use the Social version for free. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version you will only need to pay a small monthly fee.


It's simple:


  • Watch the tutorial video below


  • Select the free Social version. Choose Freedoc from the online store.



  • Now you are ready! Go to and start using your free version
  • Also, a full set of helpful Tutorial videos is available on the Genialcloud store. You can start watching them now.


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