Turn Your Data into Business opportunities!


The Digital Transformation starts with Self-Service Business Intelligence

Data is one of your company’s assets!
You need real time, reliable, and useful information if you want to turn your data into business opportunities. Business Intelligence is the tool you need to analyze and effectively manage your company information.
Business Intelligence helps you to make the best decisions and to drive your business growth.

Genilacloud Analysis is your Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution.
Genialcloud Analysis enables your colleagues to independently manage end analyze the most relevant data. Through personalized and user friendly dashboards and reports, they will be able to get real time information with no IT involvement, saving time and money!

Start using Genialcloud Analysis.
Try the advantages of our Self-Service Cloud Solution now!
No infrastructure costs, no technical resources need, no issues.
Log in online and learn how to use the Social version for free. If you decide to upgrade to the Pro version you will only need to pay a small monthly fee.



It's' simple:


  • Watch the tutorial video


  • Select the free Social version and choose Genialcloud Analysis from the online store.




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