Hybrid orchestration platform

Hybrid orchestration platform

Avantune’s mission is to enable companies with a new pattern of consumption and supply of technology: the Self-Service Cloud.

The users (a person, the department or the entire organization) are the focus of the Self-Service economy. They need to have access to products and services in a simple and customized way.

Even large organizations need to customize their digital services continuously. Avantune addresses this critical need with Powua, our Orchestration Platform. Powua enables a Self-Cloud Service able to process user requests without IT involvement. Services can be delivered on-demand through a simple and intuitive interface that makes Provisioning, Metering / Monitoring, Billing and Catalog available. Powua enables efficient Hybrid Cloud management and to offer application services and infrastructure resources end-to-end.

Powua allows large enterprises to implement private or public cloud, mixed configurations of Hybrid Cloud, and supports all service models, including SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

In the IoT world, it allows, in synergy with our business intelligence solutions, to manage multiple scenarios and to develop predictive maintenance and provisioning solutions.